You can begin by registering on our platform and filling in basic details such as age, hometown, occupation, etcabout yourself.


Once your profile is improved, you can start planning your trip.

►Plan Your Next Adventure

This is the step that you have been waiting for. Tell us where you plan to go, the length of your stay, your preferred hotels/inns, and the type of people who would want to meet.

►Connect With People Just Like You

Based on your travel preferences, we help you connect with similar people who are eager to explore the world. Once both parties have agreed on a trip, they can exchange contact information to discuss their travel plans.

Our Travel Plans are offered in three forms:  

  • Let’s Travel Together:
    You and your travel mate set out to explore a new place. Indulge in local cuisines, visit spectacular monuments and re-energise your souls.
  • Show Your Home Town:
    Invite visitors to your home town and show them what makes it so special. See your town in a new perspective, take them to your favourite spots and treat them to home-cooked food made with love.
  • I’m Coming to Your Town:
    Go and experience you travel mate’s town. Get out of your comfort zone, see what it’s like to live in their town, and bond over new experiences. Carry back home with yourself a lifetime of unforgettable memories.

  • Verification
    Our staff thoroughly verifies the profile of people registered and ensures that the information stated is correct and true.
  • Communication
    Before you go on a trip with someone, you can get to know them better with our communication features. You can chat, share photos, call and even send letters. What better way than this to give your friendship a head start!
  • Diversity
    Your choice of choosing a travel mate isn’t limited to just your country. You can connect with people from all around the globe and find the perfect travel mate for yourself.